708 Board

Montgomery County Community Mental Health Board


 708 Board Members

Earlene Robinson - County Board Member
Bruce Sanford
Christina DeWerff
Dan Hough
Brian Gaskin
Pam Lentz
Linda Billiter


The Community Mental Health Act [Ill. Rev., Ch. 91-1/2m, pars. 300.1 et seq.] (the Act) provides that a Community Mental Health Board, a unit of local government, will plan, fund, coordinate, and evaluate public services and facilities for the treatment of persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse problems in its geographic area. The Montgomery County Mental Health Board (the 708 Board) makes rules and regulations to administer services and facilities that it directs, supervises, or funds consistent with the provisions of the Act.

The Board is committed to being a responsible trustee of Montgomery County’s mental health tax.

To provide leadership and funding to ensure the availability of community based mental health services for the residents of Montgomery County who are affected by developmental disabilities, mental illness, or substance use disorders.

The service area of the Board, in accordance with the Act, shall be Montgomery County, Illinois. 

Services which are purchased by the Board with Montgomery County tax funds, in accordance with the Act, will be for Montgomery County residents. 


Board established December 13, 2016

Attn: Chris Daniels
#1 Court House Square, Room 202
Hillsboro, IL  62049

E-mail: 708board@montgomeryco.com 

Bill Gonet      

 Title:               Environmental Administrator
 Phone:           217-532-9624
 Address:         P.O. Box 311
                       Hillsboro, IL 62049
Through a Delegation Agreement between the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) and Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Environmental Protection Department (MCEPD) regulates all of the operating solid waste facilities in the county permitted or regulated by the Illinois EPA Bureau of Land. The active landfills include the Litchfield-Hillsboro Landfill near Litchfield, and the Ameren Energy Generating Co. Landfill located at the Ameren Power Plant near Coffeen. We also inspect closed landfills (2) and investigate illegal dump sites.

Additional Information

The MCEPD enforces the applicable Environmental Protection Act statutes, Illinois Pollution Control Board regulations, and landfill permit conditions set by the Illinois EPA.  

For the active landfill, these regulations and permit conditions govern hours of operation, types of material accepted, daily operations, cover materials, litter control, leachate collection, gas management and protection of groundwater quality. The landfill is inspected at least once a week and focus is on:

  • methods of operation
  • number of personnel and type of equipment to process solid waste in a timely manner
  • evaluation of daily, intermediate and final cover
  • litter control
  • odor control
  • load checks for unpermitted wastes
  • salvage and/or scavenging activities
  • leachate (liquid contaminated by waste) management
  • gas management
  • groundwater monitoring and remediation

Closed Landfill Inspections
Closed landfills are inspected approximately once per year to evaluate:

  • final cover, vegetation, erosion control
  • public access control
  • leachate seeps
  • evidence of open dumping

Illegal Dump Site Investigations

State statutes and regulations also apply to wastes that are illegally disposed of on public or private property.  Illegal dump site investigations are usually initiated within a day or two after being reported.

Copies of all inspection and investigation reports are sent to the Illinois EPA.  If violations are found and they are not satisfactorily addressed through voluntary compliance, enforcement actions are pursued through the Montgomery County States Attorney’s Office and/or the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

To report complaints related to the solid waste facilities or for illegal dumping activities, contact Bill Gonet of the MCEPD at 217-532-9624.