The forms available are limited and organized for specific case types. The Circuit Clerk's office cannot provide legal assistance.

The Supreme Court of Illinois has provided some approved standard forms and instructions for Pro Se Litigants to use. We recommend checking the following website to see if the form you need is available.

Please contact a lawyer to answer legal questions. Illinois Lawyer Finder.

Adoption Form

Answer Form

Appearance Forms

Application and Affidavit to Sue or Defend as an Indigent Person
Indigent Person Form
Indigent Person Order

Child Support Federal Income Withoholding for Support
Income Withholding for Support Form

Joint Simplified Instuctions 

Pro Se Divorce Form
Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union--No Children
Pro Se Financial Affidavit Form

Forcible Entry and Detainer
Forcible Entry and Detainer Judgment Form
Forcible Entry and Detainer Summons Form
Forcible Entry and Detainer Complaint Form

Garnishment, Wage Deduction, Citation to Discover Assests, & Rule to Show Cause
Garnishment Form
Wage Deduction Order Form
Wage Deduction Notice
Citation to Discover Assets
Rule to Show Cause Order Form

Legal Self Help
Illinois Legal Aid

Mortgage Foreclosure
Mortgage Foreclosure Forms

The process for filing a motion and approved forms can be found here:
Motion Form

Motion to Vacate
Motion to Vacate Form

Proof Of Service
Proof Of Service Forms

Small Claims
Small Claims Court Pack
Small Claims Complaint Form
Citation Notice
Citation to Discover Assets

Small Estate Affidavit
Small Estate Affidavit

Summons Form

Tax Objection
Residential Property Tax Appeal Pack Forms
Go to Illinois Department of Revenue Assessment Appeals Site
Go to Illinois Property Tax Appear Board Filling an Appeal Information Site

Miscellaneous Remedy
Name Change Forms