Child Services

MCHD offers Mental Health services to children and their families as well as adults.  While all of our counselors are well qualified to work with children, we have two counselors who specialize in working mainly with clients below the age of 18. These services are offered at our Litchfield office as well as our main office in Hillsboro.  One of our counselors can also see clients in the schools, if there is a significant need.

We offer emergency services for children as well as for adults.  Because of state regulations we must sometimes refer a child in crisis to a another program (SASS), the fact that they are in that program does not stop them from receiving help at one of our facilities, and usually need to be seen by us to help follow up what the other program started. Our crisis line is staffed 24/7. The toll-free number is 1-888-324-5052.

Case Management services are needed when your child only needs to see our psychiatrist to follow up with medication. Many of the local doctors do not feel comfortable giving mood or behavior stabilizing medication to children and prefer those children to see our psychiatrist, who specializes in mental health needs.  Your child would see a nurse who will help with any questions or need you or your child might have with their medication between visits to the psychiatrist.

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