Substance Abuse Prevention Program

R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Coalition

Mission: “To educate the community in order to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, abuse and addiction with our youth “ 

Vision:  Reach, Educate, bring Awareness, Listen to, Initiate and Teach Youth about the risks of substance abuse”

Coalition Members:

Front (l to r): Hugh Satterlee, Chris Boston, Meghan Bertolino, Rick Robbins, Ed Schumacher, Larry Bradley.Standing (l to r): Kevin Knisely, Brian Hampton, Mike Plunkett, Mollie Hoffman, Brandi Young, Taryn Markezich, Kimber Deming, Shannon Tester, Jill Wright.
Not pictured: Andrea Durbin, Jennifer Anderson, Libby Golitko, Randy Leetham, Chris Matoush, Cheryl Adams, Santino Tagli, Joletta Hill, Chris Hubbart, Janet Webb, Kim Luz.