In effort to continue moving the Judicial System forward during these unprecedented times, Montgomery County has begun utilizing Zoom to hear cases. It is imperative that the Circuit Clerk’s Office be provided with an email address and phone number for each party to a case. You may email the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk’s Office at to provide this information. 

1. How to Join Zoom from a phone or computer
2. Instructions on your remote appearance
3. Zoom Virtual Court Etiquette


Zoom Phone Number : 1-312-626-6799

August Civil Meeting ID: 929 4142 6308

August Criminal/Traffic Meeting ID: 952 8547 1474


September Civil Meeting ID: 976 3939 9595

September Criminal/Traffic Meeting ID: 984 1943 3329

Any questions may be directed to the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 217-532-9545 or