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Montgomery County 911 is responsible for assigning addresses in rural Montgomery County to improved and/or new properties outside of city/corporate limits. Addresses needed inside of city and/or corporate limits are assigned addresses by the city/village. All applicants requiring a 911 address must first obtain/complete a building address permit from the Supervisor’s of Assessment Office (SOA) located on the second floor of the Historic Courthouse #1 Courthouse Sq, Hillsboro, IL 62049 or you may contact them at 217-532-9595. The electric company will not deliver power to an address site until a 911 address is verified. The SOA will ensure that your property is properly parceled, then forward it electronically to the highway department to ensure there are no floods plain issues, then it will be forwarded to the health department to look at any potential well issues and then finally it is forwarded to the 911 office for an address assignment in rural areas or a verification in city/corporate limits.


The Montgomery County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a mandated committee with membership from business and industry; emergency response groups such as fire, medical and law enforcement; community groups; media; hospitals; environmental interest; universities; and the general public.

The mission of the LEPC is to effectively plan for emergencies involving hazardous materials. The LEPC is tasked with the responsibility for SARA Title III Environmental Compliance; HAZMAT training and exercises; Site-Specific Chemical Planning Program and maintenance of the county-wide Hazardous Material Response Plan.

The primary responsibility of the LEPC is to receive information about hazardous substances from industry and to use this information to develop comprehensive site emergency plans to handle emergencies. In addition to the hazardous materials responsibilities, the Montgomery County LEPC has taken an “All Hazards” approach within this committee by looking at other potential threats within our county and communities. We work to mitigate, plan, coordinate, educate and exercise all hazards through this committee as a team to strengthen our efforts regarding public safety. Other “All Hazard” threats we have focused on to date are:

  • Active Shooters
  • Addiction
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Mental Health
  • School Safety
  • Tornadoes

Chair: Mandy Sebeschak
Vice Chair: Karen Webb
Secretary: Aryn Hunter
EMA: Greg Nimmo

2019 Meeting Schedule:
January-June: 1st Friday of each month at 10:00am at Hillsboro Hospital
July-December: 1st Friday of each month at 10:00am at St Francis Hospital  

EMA Search and Rescue/Drone Team

Montgomery County’s Search and Rescue (SAR) is a highly trained team capable of managing and executing many types of search operations including lost person and evidence searches.

 sr1 sr2 
 sr3  sr4



Drone with FLIR:

 sr5 sr6   sr7



Every search team member is required to pass the Illinois Search and Rescue Council (ISARC) 16 Hour Basic Ground Search and Rescue curriculum that includes both classroom and field-level training. Ongoing local and joint agency training in a variety of SAR skills including night search, search management, evidence search and others ensures that members continue to hone their skills.


Our Search and Rescue/Drone Team will deploy as a mutual aid request to other government agencies.
You can request us 24/7 at 217-532-9511.

MABAS Division 56


Montgomery County EMA in partnership with MABAS Division 56.

LTG   6wheel  hazmat
 MABAS: Light Tower/Generator   MABAS: 6 Wheeler ATV MABAS: Hazmat Team
 ddbt  im  es
MABAS: Double Deck Boat Trailer      MABAS: Incident Management MABAS: Expedient Shelter


The 10 Montgomery County Fire Departments, 5 Ambulance Services, Montgomery County EMA, Carlinville and Gillespie Fire are part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 56. MABAS is a statewide organization of over 550 agencies that have the capability to work together when a disaster strikes.  Many members of MABAS Division 56 have specialized equipment, as seen above, that any other member of MABAS 56 can call upon for assistance during incidents or disasters.

2019 MABAS Division 56 Meeting Dates
February 13th – Unit 7 Fire Protection District (Gillespie)
April 10th – Taylor Springs Fire Department
June 12th – Witt Fire Department

Welcome to the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency(MCEMA). Our agency was originally created as Civil Defense and later became Emergency Services and Disaster Agency.  The name of the department was changed to Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency (MCEMA) in 2005 to more accurately reflect its responsibilities. The agency established within County Government is responsible for coordinating the emergency and disaster mitigation, as well as preparedness, planning, response and recovery efforts of the County and its political subdivisions in conjunction with the State of Illinois, Federal Government, private organizations, businesses, and the public. Our EMA is comprised of many great EMA Volunteers. Our Volunteer Teams are the core of the following teams:
  • Damage Assessment
  • Drone
  • Incident management
  • Search & Rescue


The Montgomery County 911 Communications Center was established in October of 1996. The 911 Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day with a minimum of two telecommunicators at all times. The Communicators are trained in Emergency Medical, Fire and Police Dispatch in addition to Incident Command System, CPR, Weather Spotting.
The Communications Center dispatches for the Sheriff’s Department, 10 Village Police Departments, 10 Fire Departments, 5 Ambulance Services, Montgomery County EMA and the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 56 Hazmat and Dive Teams. They also assist with Animal Control, Coroner’s Office and Health Dept communications.



EMA/911 Director, Greg Nimmo
217-532-9560 / gregn@montgomeryco.com
Dispatch 24/7: 217-532-9511


EMA Assistants:
Joe Gasparich          Chris Daniels
jg7278@gmail.com    chrisd@montgomeryco.com


Montgomery County EMA/911
120 N. Main St.
Hillsboro, IL 62049