Reduce & Reuse Tips and Other Reasons to Recycle

There are many reasons to recycle. Recycling saves our natural resources, uses less energy, frees up space in our landfills, and creates new industry, which in-turn creates more jobs and more economic growth. There are many reasons why we should recycle, but recycling alone is not the only answer. Reducing your household waste by bringing your reusable shopping bags to collect your groceries, be more self conscious of the products you buy and the packaging they come in, so that you can recycle the material that your local Recycling Drop Off accepts. Reusing things so they don't have to be thrown out, or giving them to someone else that may need them or making something more useful out of them.

Some things that may help you reconsider your shopping habits, so that you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

-- Avoid purchasing disposable goods such as paper towels and disposable razors

-- Buy in bulk when possible and use your own containers

-- Buy products made with minimal packaging or recyclable packaging, which local drop offs accept.

-- Avoid plastic packaging which cannot be recycled

-- Buy products made with recycled materials

-- Bring your own bags to the store

-- Carry a reusable mug

-- Make double-sided copies, which uses less paper

-- Re-use paper for scratch paper instead of note pads

-- Use rechargeable batteries

-- Use long-life fluorescent light bulbs

-- Voice your product packaging preferences to store managers and business owners

-- Rethink, "Do I really need this un-recyclable, non-recycled, won't use it again, item?"