Commercial & Institutional Paper and Cardboard Recycling:

Montgomery County Recycling is anxious to work with businesses and institutions to recycle paper, cardboard, acceptable plastic containers and steel cans. Contact the Coordinated Services Office at 532-9588 for more information.

-- Office Paper - Government offices, banks, schools and other businesses that generate various paper grades, participate in weekly, bi-monthly and/or monthly collections. ** Containers that are provided by the Recycling Program for collections are picked up on a scheduled basis and the material is then baled and shipped to the mills for processing.

-- Corrugated Cardboard – Montgomery County contracts with a commercial hauler to divert cardboard boxes from businesses around the county. A “Cardboard Only” container may be placed at your business. To participate in cardboard recycling, you can call Stewart's Sanitation at 532-3706 to inquire about a “Cardboard Only” dumpster. For more information on our commercial programs you can contact the Montgomery County Coordinated Services Office at 532-9588.

-- Plastics - Rinsed Clean, labels and caps may stay on the container. Most all containers will have a recycling symbol on them somewhere with the #1 - #7 found in the center of the symbol. We do not accept plastic toys or siding. Plastic grocery bags that possess a recycling number can be taken to your local Wal-Mart and deposited. We do not recycle these bags at the Montgomery County Recycling Center. You may also find a recycling symbol on some Styrofoam – We DO NOT recycle Styrofoam of any kind. For more information please give us a call.


** Containers – Montgomery County only has a 4' tall by 3'foot wide, 90 gallon green tote that is given to businesses to place their separated recyclable materials in. We do not have the small office containers that possess the recycling symbol. Anyone needing office containers can go to any one of the following links below to purchase the containers. You may opt to purchase a small container at a local store and print this recycling symbol so that you may place it on your container to designate recycling.

Links to recycling containers: