Work of township assessors:
Each township or multi-township has an elected assessor who values property. See below for a list of township assessors, and their phone numbers.The township or multi-township assessor does not determine how much you pay in property tax dollars. Their only responsibility is to figure the assessed value of your property.In Illinois the level of assessment is to be 33 1/3 percent of market value. The assessed value of the property, minus any exemptions if applicable, is the base on which tax levies are calculated.The tax rate is determined by the property tax dollars each local taxing body needs to operate. That rate multiplied by the equalized assessed value results in the tax dollar amount on your tax statement.Rate questions are answered by the County Clerk's Office.

Montgomery County's Township Assessors:
Audubon/Nokomis - Supervisor of Assessments (217) 532-9595
Bois D'Arc - Dorothy Marshall, (217)-273-8881
Butler Grove/Irving/ Rountree - Supervisor of Assessments (217) 532-9595
Fillmore/South Fillmore/Witt - Supervisor of Assessments (217) 532-9595
Grisham/Walshville/East Fork - Supervisor of Assessments (217) 532-9595
Harvel/Pitman/Zanesville - Dorothy Marshall, (217)-273-8881
Hillsboro - Miles Harris, (217)-313-1101
North Litchfield - Tom Baker, (217)-324-4635
Raymond - Dorothy Marshall, (217)-273-8881
South Litchfield - Tom Currie, (217)-324-2924