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If you are paying for a NO APPEARANCE traffic ticket and wish to plead GUILTY, you may pay ONLY through Judici's E-plea/pay program.

Only payments for cases with a final disposition are eligible to be paid by Court Money. Payments made through Court Money for cases without a disposition will be rejected and not credited to your account.


Pay by Mail instructions click here!


Ways to pay online..


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To pay over the phone Call 1-800-352-9870 - Form Code: 137402


Judici Plea & Pay
Traffic Tickets
Conservation Violations

To Plead Guilty:
Search for your name on the next page by searching  here!  (You do not have a case number).
After you put in your name. Look for this icon pleapay

Why isn’t my case eligible for Judici Plea & Pay?
According to Judici 
Only certain types of cases are eligible for Judici Plea & Pay.

  1. The only cases types that may use Judici E-Pay Plea and Pay are TR (Traffic)and CV (Conservation).
  2. Your county must allow Judici Plea & Pay payments.
  3. In addition, only violations that do not require appearance in court (may appear) cases are eligible. Read your ticket carefully to ensure that court appearance is NOT required.
  4. If you received more than one ticket at the time of the offense, other than a seat belt citation, your cases are not eligible for Judici E-Pay Plea and Pay.
  5. Your case must be open. Make sure there is no date in the "Initial Close Date" field on the Case Information page
  6. Your case must not have a disposition or sentence other than "Failure to Appear
  7. Any cash bond posted on the violation must not exceed the amount due to the court.

Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.


To Make A Payment on a Court Case:
If you want to make a payment on a case with outstanding fines and fees, by searching here! Look for this iconpaynow

Why isn’t my case eligible for Judici EPay?

According to Judici
There are a number of reasons why your case may not be eligible for Judici E-Pay.

  1. Your county must allow Judici E-Pay payments.
  2. The case must be closed. Without a disposition and sentence on all charge(s), the case is not eligible.
  3. The case must have an outstanding balance in accounts receivable.
  4. The case must not have a prohibited payment type of electronic payment.Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.


To pay by Mail

Personal checks from banks outside of Montgomery County are not accepted.

If you are paying a No Appearance traffic ticket you must sign and send the original Plea of Guilty (blue copy of citation) to the Circuit Clerk's Office within 3 days after this transaction. We will accept the signed original Plea of Guilty through the mail.

Please mail the signed blue plea of guilty form to the address below:

Montgomery County Circuit Clerk
120 North Main Street, Room 125
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Please allow 5-7 days for the mailed form to arrive in our office. Faxed forms will not be accepted. Your transaction will not be considered complete until the original form is received. Transactions must be completed 5 business days prior to your court date or you will be required to appear in court.

There is a convenience fee charged for using this system. The fee is not charged or collected by the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk.  

To receive the Mail-in paperwork for Court Supervision:
Please click here or contact the Circuit Clerk's Office at: (217) 532-9540

I hope you find this service convenient and easy to use. Thank you for your payment!