Treasurer & Collector

Some limited Tax information may be found below.

Tax Information

Any questions about Tax information call the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office at 217-532-9521


Important Tax Dates

July 2nd- First Installment Due
Sept 4- Second Installement Due
Sept 14- Delinquent Notices Mailed
Oct. 1- Last day to pay before publication
Oct 2- Last day to pay with Personal Check
Oct 5-9-Publication week Oct 9- Last day to register for tax sale
Oct 16-Last day to sub as a registered tax buyer
Oct 23rd- Last day to pay taxes (4PM) Oct 26- Tax Sale (9AM)


nikki lohman 

Nikki Lohman

The Montgomery County Treasurer/ Ex-Officio County Collector is an elected officer with a four year term.

The office is responsible for:
1. Receipting, investing, and distributing public monies of the County; 2. Paying bills of the county and various other governmental agencies specifically authorized by law and/or by the County Board; 3. Billing, collecting, and distributing county real estate tax, drainage tax, and mobile home tax; 4. County employee payroll, employee pension, property and casualty insurance, workmen's compensation insurance, employee health insurance, and County inventory; 5. Preparation of the County budget for County Board approval; 6. Investment of County funds with emphasis on safety of principal, liquidity, and maximum rate of return; 7. Monthly reporting to the County Board of all amounts of money on hand and invested; 8. Monthly reporting to the County Board of all budgeted revenues and appropriations; 9. Delinquent tax sale at the end of every tax year; 10. Reporting and paying inheritance tax collections to the Illinois State Treasurer; 11. Collecting from the State of Illinois, and distributing as required, sales tax, supplemental sales tax, income tax, income tax surcharge, salary reimbursement, replacement tax, inheritance tax, emergency management assistance program monies, and motor fuel tax; 12. Accounting records of the Emergency Telephone System Board (911); 13. Reviewing for approval of senior citizen real estate tax deferral; 14. Maintaining and providing public access to tax records from the year 1855 through current year.

Contact Information: Nikki Lohman - Treasurer
1 Courthouse Square Room 101 Hillsboro, IL 62049
Phone:(217) 532-9521
Fax:(217) 532-2404


Real Estate Tax Payment Information

You may pay your real estate taxes:
1. At the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office located in the Historic Courthouse, first floor
2. By mail to 1 Courthouse Square, Room 101, Hillsboro, IL 62049
3. By depositing in the drop box located on the North side of the historic courthouse 1 Courthouse Square Hillsboro IL 62049
4. Pay online

Real Estate Pre-Payment Form