MABAS Division 56


Montgomery County EMA in partnership with MABAS Division 56.

LTG   6wheel  hazmat
 MABAS: Light Tower/Generator   MABAS: 6 Wheeler ATV MABAS: Hazmat Team
 ddbt  im  es
MABAS: Double Deck Boat Trailer      MABAS: Incident Management MABAS: Expedient Shelter


The 10 Montgomery County Fire Departments, 5 Ambulance Services, Montgomery County EMA, Carlinville and Gillespie Fire are part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 56. MABAS is a statewide organization of over 550 agencies that have the capability to work together when a disaster strikes.  Many members of MABAS Division 56 have specialized equipment, as seen above, that any other member of MABAS 56 can call upon for assistance during incidents or disasters.

2019 MABAS Division 56 Meeting Dates
February 13th – Unit 7 Fire Protection District (Gillespie)
April 10th – Taylor Springs Fire Department
June 12th – Witt Fire Department