Montgomery County Recycling Program:

In the mid 90's Montgomery County Board felt that the future generations of our county deserved a chance at a better quality of life and implemented a Recycling Program for residents and businesses.

Montgomery County currently recycles several post consumer matierials. Our main facility, for processing the material, is located in Hillsboro, Illinois.

Since its inception Montgomery County has many drop off areas throughout the county, that residents and/or businesses may bring their recyclables.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In Montgomery County we want to reduce the waste stream by reusing materials rather than "wasting" them by landfilling.

In Montgomery County we recycle to recover usable materials which will lessen the need to cut more trees, mine more materials and help to conserve energy. Recycled materials require much less energy to process and re-use than their raw material counterparts.

Montgomery County Recycling also encourages commercial and institutional paper and cardboard recycling programs in cooperation with local waste haulers.

Look to some of our Recycling Facts to help give you a better idea of what we are currently doing in our Country and our County.

Please check out some of the following Recycling Links:

If we don’t recycle it you can find other places to take material like; glass, electronics, fluorescent tubes, rechargeable batteries, etc…

· For Glass Recycling, you can call, “We Care Recycling” in Carlinville, Illinois at 217-854-8888.

· (Find other recycle facilities and where you can recycle other materials, i.e.; electronics, fluorescent tubes, etc… - go to the site, click on Membership Directory in upper right hand corner, click on view all members or members by category)



· (National Recycling Coalition)

Montgomery County has Recycling Educational Presentations and tours of the Montgomery County Recycling Facility upon request. Please call us for more information at (217) 532-2088.

To contact Montgomery County Recycling Coordinator, Ben Bishop, you can call, fax, write or e-mail him at:

Phone # (217) 532-2088
Fax # (217) 532-2088

Physical Address:
Montgomery County Recycling
506 Corporate Drive
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049
E-Mail Address:

What we recycle A list of items we accept for recycling.

Where and when we recycle 
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Reduce & Reuse Tips and Other Reasons to Recycle
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Some Basic Recycling Facts:

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