I think my assessment is correct but my neighbor is low. I don't want to upset them, but it's not fair. What can I do?

Notify your assessor of this. You could be correct. It isn't a matter of increasing the tax dollars the neighbor pays, but to have the correct assessed value. When assessments are out of line, high or low, it reflects on everyone when the tax levies are calculated.


Isn't the name on the tax bill the owner of the property?

No. The name and address on the tax bill is for mailing purposes only. In most cases it is the owner. The only way to identify the true owner of record is to contact the Montgomery County Recorder's office to check the last recorded deed.


Do I have to get a Building permit?

The county does not issue "building permits." The county has Structural Improvement Permits. This is to notify the county that construction is taking place. This is for assessment purposes only...

The Permit may be downloaded HERE!


Why do I have to file an application Senior Citizens Tax Freeze Exemption form each year?

This must be done each year because the household income level could change. It may be due to a person moving in with the applicant and increasing the household earnings or a person moving and lowering the household level.


Why do taxes keep going up?

Your tax bill depends on two things, the spending of local tax districts and the assessed value of your property. If you feel the assessed value of your property is correct, but don't agree with your tax dollar, you may want to attend the budget hearings of your taxing districts (school, township, county, cities, etc.).